May. 22nd, 2017

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There are many conflicting points of view of where the idea of A Solian Guide to the Galaxy originated, some will say that it began around a decade ago when humanity discovered that they were being observed and studied by a group of aliens in the year 2017. Others will say that the idea began in the year 2022 when someone managed to spread a translated version of the aliens' work, titled Solians: A Guide, across the internet for the world to see just how different non-human perspectives could be. Others will say that it's birth was in 2026 when humanity's own spaceships launched from Earth to seek out the origins of the aliens we'd found hidden on our planet while the majority will say that it began in early 2027 when the writers all came together to name it.

Personally, I believe it all started in May 2026 when one R.C. Moore created the document Space: What The Fuck?

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Fandom: Harry Potter x Jurassic World
Rating: T
Pairing: Charlie Weasley/Owen Grady
Tags: Asexual Charlie Weasley, Queerplatonic Relationship, Dragons, Pack Dynamics
Notes: You should know that HP Canon is knocked a decade forwards to help with the timeline of JW Canon which takes place in 2015, thus Harry's first year is 2001.


“Huh,” Charlie stepped away to let someone else see the flyer. “I think I’d want to visit, actually.”

“With what vacation days?” Jackson asked and he winced, because he had used up a lot of his vacation time the last couple years - most recently for his niece’s first birthday.

He shrugged, “Well, I’d have to save up for it anyways and with my siblings all settling down and having kids…”

“Yeah, niblings can really use up a lot of money,” his friend hummed while he mouthed ‘niblings’ to Rhoma who shrugged. “It’s all the birthdays and holidays -- Christmas is a killer.”

And that, was that.


Charlie couldn’t quite stop himself from setting some money aside; at first just a Knut here and there but once he started reading about dinosaurs, Knuts turned into Sickles. Quite suddenly, he was faced with a jar filled with Knuts and Sickles, proclaiming Join us at Jurassic World! with the flyer heading he’d stuck to it.


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"The affairs of wizards are quite complicated, at many times dangerous and always rather odd, but if you can weather your way through them then you'll experience something quite wondrous."


A Different Weasley - Big brother Ron gets a letter from little brother Charlie. He panics.
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- Wizards at large don't even try to keep up with muggle technology, it was inevitable that muggles find out about magic.
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#Actual Magic - Magic's real, there are actually DRAGONS out in the's an awesome time to be alive. #Actual Magic

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Clock Hands - The other six hands weren't pointing at 'home' where he had expected them. Instead pointing straight at the words 'mortal peril' that his parents had repeatedly told him to tell them if it happened.

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Missing - Hogwarts. It was a safe haven all throughout the war against You-Know-Who, but is it still safe? How can it be, when there is a student missing?

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 A pseudo-scientific journal of dragons by Charlie.

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