Not Alone

May. 26th, 2017 05:09 pm
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 Ever since Charlie had learned about Jurassic World in 2011, he had meant to go. Now it was four years later then he’d expected, but Charlie was finally going to Isla Nublar. And it was hot.

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Career Day

May. 23rd, 2017 08:13 pm
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Imagine: Career Day at Hogwarts


It's nearing the end of his second year when suddenly rumors pop up about how Headmaster Dumbledore had convinced someone famous to visit for Career Day. Charlie didn't pay much mind to the excited whispers and loud debates about who the famous wizard - because wizard not witch is the only thing that everyone seemed to agree on - visiting was and what job they'd be talking about.

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 A pseudo-scientific journal of dragons by Charlie.

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"The affairs of wizards are quite complicated, at many times dangerous and always rather odd, but if you can weather your way through them then you'll experience something quite wondrous."


A Different Weasley - Big brother Ron gets a letter from little brother Charlie. He panics.
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- Wizards at large don't even try to keep up with muggle technology, it was inevitable that muggles find out about magic.
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#Actual Magic - Magic's real, there are actually DRAGONS out in the's an awesome time to be alive. #Actual Magic

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Clock Hands - The other six hands weren't pointing at 'home' where he had expected them. Instead pointing straight at the words 'mortal peril' that his parents had repeatedly told him to tell them if it happened.

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Missing - Hogwarts. It was a safe haven all throughout the war against You-Know-Who, but is it still safe? How can it be, when there is a student missing?

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