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There are many conflicting points of view of where the idea of A Solian Guide to the Galaxy originated, some will say that it began around a decade ago when humanity discovered that they were being observed and studied by a group of aliens in the year 2017. Others will say that the idea began in the year 2022 when someone managed to spread a translated version of the aliens' work, titled Solians: A Guide, across the internet for the world to see just how different non-human perspectives could be. Others will say that it's birth was in 2026 when humanity's own spaceships launched from Earth to seek out the origins of the aliens we'd found hidden on our planet while the majority will say that it began in early 2027 when the writers all came together to name it.

Personally, I believe it all started in May 2026 when one R.C. Moore created the document Space: What The Fuck?

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 Planet Hr-31v4, commonly named Solia, is the only planet of the Hir'rajk system to have developed life; by the ranking of Kijak-nir, Solia is remarkably tiny for a planet which sustains millions of independent lifeforms, many of vastly different species. The current domminant species, a carbon-based warm-blooded flesh-creature, is named Solians after the planet's common name- the Solians, we've discovered, refer to themselves as 'humans'.

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