Apr. 8th, 2017

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He should eat more, was Sakumo’s first thought on seeing his new partner for the first time. The medic’s note on the file had, under the declaration of ‘functionally healthy’, said the teen (Age: 17, Date of Birth: December 22) seemed to have been living with borderline malnutrition for a while, which wasn’t odd due to how even Konoha had taken to rationing food due to the war but, still- He should eat more.

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 Planet Hr-31v4, commonly named Solia, is the only planet of the Hir'rajk system to have developed life; by the ranking of Kijak-nir, Solia is remarkably tiny for a planet which sustains millions of independent lifeforms, many of vastly different species. The current domminant species, a carbon-based warm-blooded flesh-creature, is named Solians after the planet's common name- the Solians, we've discovered, refer to themselves as 'humans'.

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Aka the Protective Dad Kakashi 'verse.

Sakumo wasn’t planned, was the result of a one-night stand during a I can’t believe we’re still alive celebration, and Kakashi freaked the fuck out when he realized he was a father. Sakumo’s baby days were a constant stream of oh fuck he’s crying what did I do wrong? and Sensei hELp mE I have no idea what I’m doing! with him constantly checking on napping bb!Sakumo to make sure he was still breathing- Kakashi was just a giant ball of terror and anxiety because he was certain anything he did would hurt or kill his son.


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