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 It be fun to do the opposite of Solians: A Guide , like humans heading out into space and their first impressions of aliens/culture; I would call it A Solian Guide to the Galaxy (guess who's likes A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy?).

It'd take place in 2025-ish I think, after humans 'discovered' that aliens were observing and basically making a guidebook about them; of course someone thought we'll do the same but BETTER! which led to the galaxy guide. It'd be more, mmm, relaxed then the alien's version because it wasn't written by academics but basically members on the ship traveling space talking about the weird things they saw.

Maybe there will be stiffer parts, though, depending on "who" is writing?

Harry Potter history is just so interesting, it makes me want to play with it. Like spells are done in pseudo-Latin which is interesting, part of it could be because of Roman conquests (WIZARD GLADIATORS!!! WIZARD VIKINGS!! YES WANT!!) that initially spread the typical HP Wizarding Way (wand, pseud-Latin spells) and then following empires *cough* Britain *cough* Spain *cough* will spread it even further
  • though I think Asian spells may be more done in pseudo-Chinese and the Scandinavia area by pseudo-Old Norse (mostly RUNES)...
and it's always pseudo-language because it's keeps people from accidentally using spells when speaking; i.e. Harry Hermione to be honest so could have created spells in UK English
  • there may be an interesting case to jump years into the future where Wizards HAD to adapt to muggle technology and there's an entire code dedicated to digital spells

It'd be interesting because you can poke at things and legends and be like so and so was a witch/wizard, it really happened but muggles don't believe it anymore. PLUS there's things like Merlin and Camelot, Atlantis, THE MAYAN/INCAN/AZTEC EMPIRES AND THEIR RELATIONSHIPS WITH MAGIC.

Also, the first Animagus, what kind of person was he that he learnt to turn himself into an animal when it'd never been done before and likely dubbed Impossible? Who was the very first Newt Scamander- the very first wizard to take a look at all those dangerous magical creatures and was just oh those are amazing and precious I must learn more about them and I die THEN IT WAS A GOOD DAY TO DIE!

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